Copywriter Febri came to visit us in Kuta and asked for an interview. We accepted with thanks and published the interview here with her agreement. This interview gives a little insight behind the scenes and into the history of Crown Barbershop.

We are given the chance to interview one of the most outstanding Barbershops in Bali.
Here are their answers for the most asked questions requested by people on the internet for Crown Gentleman Barbershop Kuta.

  • What is your name and what is your position in Crown Barbershop Gentleman Bali?
    My name is Hari Wisnu Wardana, and I’m the owner of the Crown Gentleman Bali barbershop.
  • What inspires you to open Crown Gentleman Bali barbershop?
    I’ve been interested in fashion, can I say this? I like someone who is well-dressed, someone who looks as fresh as a daisy, someone who can manage their appearance well. And I noticed that everyone couldn’t be like that, in short, I wanted to change that. I wanted to be the reason for people to gain their confidence back. That was what inspired me to open this barbershop.
  • What motivates you to open a barbershop in Kuta?
    The history is quite a long ride. A common thing to tell you is that our barbershop is targeting international customers. It’s not like I’m afraid of failure, I just don’t want to engage with hundreds or thousands of competitors in Denpasar. Hence, I decided to concentrate my business focus here in Kuta. This place is definitely a driven strategy to open a business in the long run.
  • When did you take interest in hairstyling, cutting, and beard-trimming?
    I have taken an interest in hairdressing since 2017. Quite a short time to have a burning passion in men’s hairstyle and beard right? But this is definitely a choice that I won’t regret for the rest of my life. I have nailed my goals to launch Crown Gentleman Barbershop in 2019.
  • As an owner, do you also take part directly in handling your customers?
    No, I don’t. My main role is just managing the Barbershop. Choosing which potential workers are best suited for the positions that are available. Kind of like the executive Manager?
  • How long have you been working in this work field?
    Since 2019 up until now.
  • How long does it take for you to get into this level?
    Honestly, it didn’t take long for me to be on this level since my partner, Danil has always accompanied me. I’m not an expert, but with the help of Danil compassionate wills and talent, we are able to go this far. He helps me a lot to get on my feet. And Danil is the barber master here.
  • For Mr. Danil, what is the most challenging part of being a barber master?
    The most analytical situation that I’ve been struggling with is to please the customers. We need to know every customer’s needs and character vary. I need to come out with a solution that shows them a positive light and please them. It’s very challenging for me to make up to their expectations but I’m always trying my best.
  • What makes Crown barbershop special from other competitors?
    To put it simply, what makes us different is that we treat our customers like a family.
  • Can Crown Barbershop provide basic hygiene for the customers during the COVID19 pandemic?
    During the Coronavirus pandemic, there are two protocols that we need to follow. The one that the barbershop comes up with, and the rules the customers need to follow to ensure that there are no droplets or symptoms endangering both the customers and the workers. Our guidelines include; checking the body temperatures of our workers every day before the shift to ensure that we are in the best condition. If they don’t feel well, they are sent home instantly. On the other hand, what we need to do to the customers before they enter is to check on their body temperatures as well. Secondly, hand sanitizer is provided to prevent the spread of communicable viruses. We clean all our workstation, and all surfaces with disinfectant to make sure nothing gets in the way.
  • Do customers need to book appointments beforehand or they can just walk-in?
    There are two basic systems to achieve our services; we do both, the customers can just simply walk-in or book us in advance to avoid queuing. Also, we provide a home care service where we visit our guests with all the equipment.
  • For Mr. Danil, what is the most popular cut from Crown Barbershop?
    Danil: The most requested hairstyles are Skin Fade and French Crop.
  • What is the most popular haircut for men in 2020?
    Well, Skin Fade is undeniably popular right now. It goes shorter and shorter as it moves toward the neck. There are many common types for a skin fade, for example; side part, skin fade french crop, skin fade pompadour, and classic skin fade. Here is also Junay, my fellow hair-dresser from Sumba.
  • For Junay, what is an old look that comes back in 2020?Junay: For us, it’s the classic cut and long trim. They never get old for anybody, any generation.
  • Danil, how do you define if a hairstyle can work on a certain face shape?
    To be honest, it largely depends on the customer’s request. If they have an oval or round faces, we’ll try to do the tricks to create volume on their hair, the key is to adjust their face shape so that every hairstyle will work wonderfully. We will offer which hairstyle will mathematically suit the customers.
  • What is the most popular beard style in 2020?
    It doesn’t stick to only one style because the beard is all done by request. For a beard, it doesn’t have to be ‘this style’ or ‘that style’.
  • What advice would you give to someone that decides to grow a beard?
    An advice from me for those who want to grow a beard, daily use of essential oil is beneficial for growing a thick beard, especially candlenut oil. In Indonesia, the chemical oil doesn’t have a legal BPOM license, so it’s kind of risky to use it. It may cause irritation as we don’t want it to happen to our customers for safety reasons.
  • How do you keep an atmosphere that is fun for both the barbers and the customers?
    There’s something I always keep in mind, to build the friendliest atmosphere that makes the customers feel like home so that they’re less aware of the waiting time as they get their hair or beard done. We’ll keep them entertained with soft music, TV, aromatherapy oil, those are great sensory ways to create a comforting atmosphere.
  • What can you learn from your business?
    What I gain from opening this business is that I’m making so many friends, an understanding on how to operate a business, it’s eye-opening for me. I’m also getting better at my communication skill.

    Danil: I won’t lie, this job pays well. As Hari said, the customers who used to be strangers are now my friends.

    Junay: I think it’s the same case for everyone, rather than the pay, making a new relationship is the most enjoyable part of this job. And also the experience that I get from working here is beneficial for my career.
  • And lastly, what does Crown Gentleman Barbershop stand for?
    Every man has their own crown, the first thing that we notice from a man is their hair, can they impress us with their crown? Our job is to make every man proud of their crown. Their crowns are their worths.
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