You’re desperately seeking a tougher look? 
It’s about time for you to empathize more with your hair. 2020 is the right time for you to change your old boring haircut with a newer dazzling cut that trends this year! What’s more fitting than the fades? Check out our fade haircut’s below for better quality looks for every man in Bali!


  • Low Fade Haircut

This fade seems to be the most famous and well-known haircut for men because it doesn’t follow along with trends but stays with them. It helps you gain a rather dandy looking and freshly clean-cut that suits every head shape.

  • High Fade Haircut

These fade haircuts offer you the shortest path for your cut. Sleek and sexy that maximizes contrast and a stronger look.

  • Mid Fade Haircut

Mid Fade Haircuts is an ideal haircut for every gentleman whose goals are to achieve softer looks as the trim is a rather gradual yet modern looking gentleman.

  • Taper Fade Haircut

Taper Fade Haircut will transform you into a classic looking and sensational gentleman, with subtle trim that keeps the hair on top of your head while tapering it down the sides and back, making it wonderful and easy maintained hairstyle.

Those haircuts are easily done by Crown Barbershop Kuta, no disaster is allowed in our work, it’s like we’re making sure all customers are happy and satisfied when they walk out of the shop.

If your hair has been growing out of control, come straight, and enjoy our top services. As referred from our name, Crown barbershop is a walk-in barbershop that can transform you into a royal with the luxurious and glamorous look that you wanted. It’s so desirable to be the center of attention for men and have thousands of women flocking around us, it’s a one-lifetime goal, and Crown barbershop will help you achieve that. We will give you a sick gorgeous look instead of a regular hairstyle, with a quick makeover, you will be transformed into a new gentleman for better days in 2020.

With so many options regarding what fade haircuts look best on you, it may sound confusing at first. But do not worry, you’re in a good hand by trusting our recommendation this time, the barbers here are not first-timers so you can rely on their suggestions. There are so many different types of haircuts, styles of shapes you can get creative into, from high, mid, or low fades, whatever you want. The Kuta and Nusa Dua Barbers will follow your direction on the best styling choice. Don’t forget that you have to choose the clipper size. From that on, you can decide between a taper fade and skin fade. But your options are not limited to just that either, you can combine countless variations to fill your standard. Create your own detailed and manly fades. Their perfectionist and ambitious determination are resulting in all men pleased with our creativity and accuracy. There’s no wonder why we are named as one of the best barbershops in Bali. Grab it fast and book now!

We won’t let anyone dim your fire with the help of our skilled cuts and detailed fade haircuts. The most important thing is, you will be accompanied by a professional and

experienced barber master. Crown Barber Bali are also attentive listeners with comforting social speaking skills, so you won’t face boredom while you’re getting the treatment you deserve in this spacious walk-in barbershop. We will have no hesitation in giving you tips and tricks of what fades that fit you the most. You won’t regret a single thing once you stepped into this captivating barbershop. We’re working with magic to create the most stunning fades cuts. That’s how top class Crown Barbershop services are.

Located inaccessible spots of Bali like Nusa Dua and Kuta, we are open business near five-star hotels and other amenities. Crown barbershop is situated in a well-known area, we found the most strategic spot to open the business so it would be reachable for you to book if you’re in Nusa Dua. You can go straight to Nakula street in Kuta, and a classy looking walk-in barbershop is right before your eyes! Or drive for an hour to Nusa Dua, where Crown Barbershop offers fair prices of every hairstyle for all gentlemen that seek a modern inspired look in Bali. No worry your wallet doesn’t have to suffer high costs. Get the most relaxing service for your hair and mind. What’s the hesitation? Book now!

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