Clean and stylish beard is what you actually need for the lady’s free pass, women have weak hearts for men that look tough and challenging but also a gentleman underneath. So what to impress the opposite gender better than a neat beard of yours? 

If you have decided to nurture your beard by yourself it can be disheveled and unimpressive. As one of the most trustworthy and professionally trained barbershops, we understand your biggest nightmare concerning a horrible looking beard very well so sit tight and read our tips on how to maintain your beard better. You may need a hand, and a beard groomer obviously. 

Imagine the horror of a low maintenance beard that grows horribly fast, intending to look like a total badass but turned to be a starving caveman instead is such a major bummer for your 2020 plan. But worry not, we have it sorted for you. 

The norm of today’s style is to be completely confident and genuine of your appearance, without that trust in your inner self, anything won’t work. So remember, confidence is the key to everything. 

Don’t forget the most crucial point though, your body hair is a part of the play too. You can assume that your beard is a permanent investment to lead the trend. Once you start taking care of it, the world is for you to decide. So here it is, tips to take care of your beard in the most helpful way by Crown Gentleman Barbershop in Bali:

  1. Make sure you wash your beard regularly. Yes, just like your hair, your beard is as important for you thus you have to keep in a note to manage its hygiene. You don’t want a beard that is disheveled and smells bad, that can be a turn off for everyone around you. Also, a clean beard helps you get the image that you take care of yourself well, like every little detail of you. Wash your beard with regular shampoo, the one that is used for your hair is also conventional. Make sure it consists of almost chemical-free ingredients as well as safe for your roots and skin. 
  1. Keep in mind that your beard needs to be hydrated properly. S and unhealthy hair can give an effect of brittle as well as messy-looking beard and you don’t want that as your first impression on people. It’s essential to moisturize your beard, keep in clean, fragrance, and smooth with beard oil. Not to mention, it can give the beard a pleasant aroma too. Double kill for your date. 
  1. Your beard often left you with the undesired outcome? This is the answer you look for. Taking extra care with all the products above won’t be enough. All you need to do for a clean cut is to find the best beard trimmer or razor with the sharpest blades to penetrate into your hair carefully without scarring your skin. Style your beard into the most desired shape, you also need a beard straightener to tame your frizzy hairs. The first thing you need to do is to determine whether dry or wet shaving is the best for your skin condition and also the desired style you have planned all along. If you decide that dry shave is your ideal way, choose an electric razor to minimize skin irritation. But if your preferred way is the after a shower—the most familiar and conventional one at that, you can basically find any usable and decent razor and use it to groom your beard. Also, you don’t need to worry about hygiene and bacteria while you’re fresh from the water. 
  1. Trimmer alone won’t be enough, keep in the watch that you are obligated to comb your beard with care to keep it sleek. 
  1. But if you think growing a beard and managing it is too much of a hassle for you, maybe consider getting rid of it instead. Clean cut helps you achieve a youthful-looking face and a fresher style. 

Beard styles are limitless, but we’ve listed the most popular ones that suit any facial shape:

  • Short Beard StyleThis style is probably the handiest style one out of them all, simple trim that makes all women act up. Although this style is time-saving, you still need to apply oil and balm as well as a conditioner to keep it well-maintained.
  • Long Beard StyleLong Beard requires occasional grooming, time-invested, daily care, and nourishing moisturizer. This style is definitely not for a couch bum.
  • Stubble beard style If you think Long Beard Style is too hardcore for a beginner, then you might want to test the water with this style. Stubble beard or might be known as “the 3-day beard,” is a style to mature up your youthful face. It’s easy to achieve a well-groomed and dandy look with this style.

If you think doing it yourself won’t do you any good, there are plenty of trustworthy barbershops opening in Bali just for you. They’ll groom your untrained beard into a style that works best for your face shape, they’ll help you redo the messiness with a gentle touch. If your goal is to fish a compliment, Crown Gentleman Barbershop Bali will gladly help you to achieve that. They’re known for being a magical place for an instant make-over for men in Bali, located in the prestigious Nakula street,  Kuta and Nusa Dua, very accessible as it is situated around the luxurious hotels and all the amenities in town. Step down from your game for a change, just a simple touch from them will magically transform your beard to a better future. The barber masters in Crown Gentleman Barbershop Bali are working tirelessly to make you 100% satisfied with their performance. Book Crown Gentleman Barbershop Bali services now!

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